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ARGO ALMACENADORA SA DE CV has a team of specialists to provide the Inspection Unit service, which is oriented to perform the conformity assessment of the Mexican Official Standards regarding Commercial Information contained in the labels of the products listed in Annex 2.4.1 (NOM's Agreement) of the Ministry of Economy, prior to their commercialization in national territory. Annex 2.4.1 (NOM's Agreement) of the Ministry of Economy, prior to their commercialization in national territory.


The inspection unit has the UVNOM177 accreditation number issued by the Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA), as well as an approval from the General Directorate of Standards (DGN) of the Ministry of Economy

Methods for NOM´s

This means that, at the customs clearance time, the goods must already have the labels  (attached, sewn, plasticized, etc.)with the mandatory information, so the customs broker can declare compliance with the corresponding NOM.

Even to ensure that the goods are correctly labeled, the Accredited Inspection Unit (UIA) can be asked to issue a Certificate of Conformity demonstrating compliance with the NOM on Commercial Information.


  • Provide the image of the product to be inspected.
  • This should be crisp and good quality.

Consists of placing the goods under the bonded warehouse regime and declaring in the customs declaration that compliance with the Commercial Information NOM will be finalized in a General Warehouse (GW).

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  • The importer must attach to the import declaration a copy of the contract signed with the Inspection Unit.
  • As well as the request for inspection services.

Consists of the release of the customs clearance, followed by the transfer of the merchandise to a private address where Inspection Unit personnel will go in order to carry out the inspection.


  • To use this alternative, besides from the contract with the Inspection Unit.
  • The service request.
  • The importer must be registered and active in the importers' registry for more than two years.
  • And have imported goods with a value of 100,000 USD during the 12 months prior to the date of the operation.


We operate according to all required legal guidelines.


We have a highly trained team.


We put at your disposal complementary services.

Issuing Documents

Conformity Certificate

Document issued to producers, manufacturers, importers, traders or service providers as a result of the inspection of a label or product in which compliance with the requirements established in the official Mexican standards is evidenced.

It is used for foreign merchandise with labeling from origin or for national merchandise in which it is desired to demonstrate compliance with the Commercial Information labeling.

Compliance Report

Document that covers compliance only with the lot, shipping order or cargo number indicated on the import customs declaration and invoice, facilitating the release of the goods and their transfer to an address in national territory (private address or bonded warehouse) so that they can be labeled.

It is used to comply in a General Warehouse under the Bonded Warehouse regime or, if applicable, in a Private Address, following the corresponding operating rules.

Accredited Standards


(Commercial Information – Products General Labeling).

Example Kitchen items, office, glassware, auto parts, tools (not electric), among others.


(Alcoholic Beverages. Sanitary Specifications. Commercial and Sanitary Labeling).

Example (Alcoholic Beverages. Sanitary Specifications. Commercial and Sanitary Labeling).

Unit of Inspection
in Commercial Information

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