Our company

We are a company that provides storage and logistics services, with coverage within the national territory and service infrastructure installed in the locations with the highest consumption and industrial development in the country. As Credit Auxiliary Organization, we are part of the financial system with authorization to:

  • Grant Fiscal Deposit Services to foreign trade goods,
  • Issue Deposit Certificates and Pledge Bonds for pledge financing operations with national and international banks.

To offer storage and logistic services that meet market expectations, proactively seeking improvement alternatives that increase the competitiveness and economic performance of the supply chain, respecting the legal framework that governs us as an Auxiliary Credit Organization.


To be a competitive company at a national and international level; institutional in its management; driven by human talent and avant-garde in the usage and development of information and communication technology tools to provide certainty to our customers through the data flow from their operations by the available technological means.

Quality Policy

Comply with the highest quality standards in our processes, in order to bring efficiency to the supply chain.

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